MOCON, Inc. has developed new hardware to give packagers a more accurate way of projecting shelf-life.

The leading global manufacturer of headspace gas analysers for food packaging applications has taken its technology to a new level, with the introduction of its Cal-Smart® one-button calibration hardware, software package.

The new calibration system is now available on many of the company’s PAC CHECK® series oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide headspace analysers, and provides packagers with a way to obtain a more consistent and accurate projection of product shelf life than previously possible.

Headspace analysers are typically used to determine if the levels of residual oxygen and carbon dioxide gas in a package are at the optimum level so that desired shelf life objectives can be met.

The analysers typically go out of calibration for two reasons, either because of a leak or a defective part, or because of an intrinsic drift that can occur with any unit, based on electronic components.

Anthony Ahmed, Product Manager at MOCON said, “Typical calibration methods can usually catch problems with a defective part, but it doesn’t catch the electronic drift. The latter is the slow, hard-to-find, silent killer when it comes to accuracy. What Cal-Smart® does is self-diagnose the electronic drift and correct it.”