MOCON, Inc., a permeability testing equipment specialist, has introduced a ground-breaking instrument for total viable count (TVC) and indicator organisms in bacteria using its oxygen (O2) depletion sensor and automated reader.

The GreenLight® detection platform senses O2 during dairy applications and so can dramatically improve production processes and reduce economic impact from spoiled products.

As a result, MOCON has reduced testing times by up to 80% and enables dairies to release product free of yeast or mould spoilage as a result of oxygenation in just 18 hours.

The system is configured to provide quantitative on-screen data and pass or fail testing in a fully automated mode.

Alan Traylor, Business Manager, Microbial Detection of the US-based business explained, “Positive results can trigger a product recall, which can negatively impact the corporate bottom line and brand image. With GreenLight’s significantly shorter test cycle, it becomes more feasible for dairies to hold product onsite until test results are received.”

GreenLight achieves results for yeast and mould using the same automated reader and APCheckTM O2 sensing vials as for bacteria.

Mocon green light for dairy testing

MOCON GreenLight for dairy testing

Source: MOCON, Inc.