MOCON Inc. is unveiling its ‘beverage instrumentation suite of products’ at this year’s Drinktec exhibition in Munich, Germany.

Known internationally as a leading manufacturer of gas analysers, permeation instrumentation and package integrity systems, MOCON is debuting the new product range at the event this week.

Highlighting these offerings will be the recently launched OpTech – O2® Platinum, a new standard-setting oxygen analyser using a fluorescence-based system for measuring total package integrity for both rigid and flexible beverage packages.

The platinum ‘fluoresces’ or gives off light in an amount which is directly related to the amount of oxygen present in a package. This fluorescence can then be read optically, ensuring it is ideal for non-destructive permeation analysis, headspace and dissolved oxygen analysis, and leak determination.

Coupled with a bar code and scanner, the technology can also be used to measure and report O2 stability at various points in the distribution channel.

The instrumentation product line addresses a broad spectrum of beverage package shelf-life concerns for both rigid and flexible packages. Brand owners and suppliers can chose from multiple testing options to help assure that the intended packaging performance parameters are going to be met.

Held in Munich, Drinktec runs from 14th – 19th September 2009.