MOCON, Inc. has established multiple in-house package testing laboratories in the US, Germany and China, which allow companies to ‘test drive’ instrumentation before they purchase.

The new laboratories give potential purchasers the opportunity to challenge multiple pieces of instrumentation with their testing objectives.

Capabilities include headspace, water vapour, leak rate and hole size determination, burst, creep, seal strength, heal sealing, hot-tack, coefficient of friction, vacuum decay and shelf-life analysis.

“The primary function of these labs is to provide our clients with a pre-purchase testing environment so they can see first-hand why MOCON instruments offer the best solution to their testing issues,” said Guy Wray, Marketing Manager at MOCON.

“They can then make their purchase with confidence knowing that the instrument they have selected will provide the desired results in their own laboratory environment.”

The tests are conducted by a trained MOCON technician. The customer receives a detailed report showing the number of packages tested, how many samples were taken of each, the package size, the type of instrument used to conduct the test(s), including the serial number, and the results from each sample.

Included on the report are photographs of the customer’s package attached to the instrument while the testing was being conducted. Additionally, the technician notes on the report on how best to conduct the testing and their conclusions as to the quality and repeatability of the process.

“More than 50 companies from multiple countries have taken advantage of this option during the few months that the laboratories have been operational,” Wray added.

“We believe that this service is unique within the package testing industry. The opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ establishes that the instrument you are evaluating is the correct solution for your specific situation.”

During the testing process, MOCON discovered that several companies taking advantage of this service had not established testing parameters for their products. As a result, the company was able to use its expertise to offer suggestions on what should be considered when setting testing criteria.

The MOCON testing lab has instrumentation in place to analyse a broad variety of package types, substrates and components, including: flexible structures, rigid bottles, foil seals, pouches, aseptic boxes, trays and lidstock, etc.

“We view the new laboratories as a natural adjunct to our traditional permeation and flavor, aroma detection/analysis facilities. Just one more way to provide value and instill confidence in our products and services,” Wray concluded.