Chart Industries Inc. Energy & Chemicals’ (Chart E&C) La Crosse plant was visited by Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle in late January, as the governor attended to talk about his Grow Wisconsin plan for strengthening the state's economy and to recognize Chart as a model company.

Presenting Chart E&C President Michael Bright with a check for $150,000, this represented state tax credits related to Chart's facility expansion and the creation of new jobs, while the official indicated he believes the company has a strong role to play in the future of the area.

Describing Chart as a ‘model company’ governor Doyle said, “This is really high-end manufacturing. These are jobs that require a good level of skill, they're good paying jobs, and it's a company that has really invested in a big way in Wisconsin.”

The 165,000-sq. ft. Chart E&C La Crosse plant designs and manufactures brazed aluminium heat exchangers for global markets and employs 455 people at the 6.5 acre site. Chart E&C's custom-engineered brazed aluminium heat exchangers are widely used in natural gas processing, petrochemical plants and power plants to transfer heat from one medium to another and the La Crosse plant is one of the world's largest producers of such equipment.