As the spotlight begins to focus on carbon emissions ahead of COP26, Dutch valve manufacturer Mokveld Valves BV (Mokveld) is looking to reduce the carbon footprint of the industrial gas sector by introducing its new Mokveld Zero emission control valve (Zero).

By eliminating the stem seal completely, Mokveld has enabled its valve to prevent atmospheric leakage of emissions. This contrasts with conventional valve designs which rely on wear and tear-prone dynamic stem seals to prevent fluid leakage.

The company’s energy efficient design also eliminates friction, resulting in lower power consumption and a lower actuation force requirement.

A self-braking drive nut allows for a further reduction in power consumption through less power being required when delivering to the valve’s drive under steady-state conditions.

Mokveld Zero emission valve

Mokveld Zero emission valve

Claiming that the overall valve control performance is improved, Mokveld stated that the Zero also allows for no dead time as well as zero overshoot.

Following trials to provide the device with a TRL7 (technology readiness level) status, the company ensures the Zero will help its clients reduce all greenhouse gas emissions through Scope 1, 2 and 3.