Petrochemical specialist MOL Group (MOL) has partnered with Linde Engineering to digitalisation operations at MOL’s steam cracker plant in Tiszaújváros, Hungary.

Intended to increase the process’ efficiency and profitability, Linde Engineering will install its Linde Virtual Furnace software on MOL’s steam crackers. This technology allows benchmarking of actual operations against the real-time optimum. 

Combined with MOL steam cracker plant’s virtual twin monitoring the plant’s operation performance, Linde’s ‘virtual’ steam cracker plant will allow MOL to reduce energy consumption and emissions. 

Stating that ‘digitalisation is an incredible tool for improving operational efficiency’, Gabriel Szabo, Executive Vice President, MOL Group Downstream, added, “It is an integral part of MOL Group’s 2030+ Strategy, and it will support us in reaching our vision – to be a highly efficient company and a key player in the low-carbon circular economy in Central and Eastern Europe.” 

In addition to digitalising the plant’s processes, the two companies are exploring further opportunities to implement digital solutions at the facility.