After a recommendation from a major defence contractor, Molecular Products has been able to take its newly launched HiCap CO2 absorber unit into top gear – literally.

Deemed ideal to demonstrate the absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) from a car’s exhaust, Molecular Product’s new unit made it onto UK TV screens recently when it was featured on an episode of popular car magazine show Top Gear.

The technology developed by Molecular Products is presented in the form of a pre-filled large absorber cartridge, which is sealed and allows efficient storage and use of Sofnolime® - material with proven capabilities for CO2 absorption.

Easy to handle and the preferred option to hand-filled units, the HiCap device guarantees minimum CO2 capacity. HiCap CO2 ¬is designed to remove CO2 at levels of 5000ppm and above, specifically in submarines or mine refuges during emergency situations, where a breathable atmosphere must be maintained.

After discussions with the BBC, it was established that the HiCap product was ideal to demonstrate CO2 absorption from a car’s exhaust.

This feature formed a considerable part of episode 5 of Top Gear’s recently-aired series 13 and aimed to raise awareness of green house emissions, by comparing various pollutant removal technologies applied to motor vehicles.

The Top Gear challenge tested the HiCap cartridge under predetermined conditions, proving the HiCap product is capable of removing CO2 emissions in a car exhaust to below the detection limits of the measuring instrument.

Molecular Products was keen to point out that working with the BBC gave the company a great opportunity to offer product guidance and specific advice on safety, gas flow rates, and manifold design - ensuring optimum performance of the system.