Ghanim International UK Ltd, a subsidiary of Brunei Wafirah Holdings, was established in August 2011. Currently they manufacture their own label products from a production site in Birmingham but aim to acquire their own abattoirs and poultry farms to provide the market with a fully integrated supply chain solution.

Offering a service adhering to strict compliance of food quality, safety and hygiene standards from ‘Farm to Family’. With the initial offering of a vast product range which consisted of snacks, beverages, frozen and ambient vegetarian products, the focus has now shifted towards introducing quality meat and meat based products to service the wholesale, foodservice and retails sections in the UK as well as the huge potential to export into foreign markets.

At Ghanim International the safety of their personnel is of paramount importance. Therefore they continuously monitor the oxygen levels in their facility during the food manufacturing process to ensure that any nitrogen used in the processing plant is controlled and regulated. If the level of oxygen drops below 17% due to displacement by nitrogen or other gases it can have an adverse effect on any personnel.

They have installed three EC96 oxygen deficiency monitors from Systech to monitor the oxygen levels at their manufacturing facility in Birmingham. These oxygen deficiency monitors are idea for this application, offering adjustable alarm contacts to give early warning of any change in oxygen levels, allowing immediate action to be taken.