HyGear is making October a month on new business announcements after two further announcements have been made by the company.

The company is involved in the creation of a hydrogen filling station to be opened in Arnhem, in the Netherlands, for the uses of fuel cell cars and business in the region.

The station is part of a large project funded by the EU and will be completed in 2017 by CNGNet. To facilitate the current need for hydrogen fuelling, HyGear will realise a temporary station in 2016.

The region gives high priority to renewable and clean energy developments, and therefore contributes to the accelerated realisation of the station.

“The realisation of the filling station can convince people to procure a fuel cell vehicle”, says Marc de Kroon, senior advisor Economic Development of Arnhem municipality. “Also, the station can fuel the hydrogen-buses of the region and our own fuel cell car”.

Elsewhere, HyGear is contracted to supply two Hy.GEN hydrogen generation systems in the electronics industry. The Hy.GEN will produce a continuous flow of hydrogen with a purity of 99.99%.

HyGear already has a proven track record in the glass industry. The Hy.GEN’s are worldwide implemented to produce hydrogen for the production of flat glass. “This order is a great step for HyGear to enter the electronics market”, says CEO HyGear Marinus van Driel.

The electronics company has chosen HyGear for their cost effective hydrogen supply. Furthermore, HyGear offers great flexibility, not only in the way of hydrogen supply, but also with their financial lease options.

The systems are planned to be installed at the beginning of 2016.