Varta is celebrating 50 years since man first landed on the Moon and the special role the German battery manufacturer played in this mission.

Photos of the first Moon landing 50 years ago today were captured by Neil Armstrong using a camera equipped with Varta batteries.

More recently, a Varta battery was used during a mission to the International Space Station. Developed specifically for the trip, the Varta battery pack supplied the necessary energy to a device for measuring the astronauts’ muscle tension.

Previously, NASA sent the spacecraft Galileo up in the autumn of 1989 to explore Jupiter and its moons. During the approximately 1000-day journey, VARTA lithium batteries in the probe supplied the semiconductor detectors for the particle measuring device.

Herbert Schein, CEO of Varta, said, “50 years ago VARTA batteries joined the mission to the moon. Meeting such requirements took not only the highest level of technical skill, but a distinct pioneering spirit – an attribute to this day deeply engrained in our company.”

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, visitors to Varta’s website can watch a film depicting the emotional journey to the Moon, bringing to life the company’s unique pioneering achievements.


Source: NASA