Peak-Ryzex, Inc. has secured a deal with Linde for the implementation of a labelling solution needed to comply with OSHA’s new Global Harmonized System (GHS) of classification and labelling of chemicals.

Any manufacturer, supplier or user of chemicals must comply with GHS guidelines covering all hazardous chemical substances, dilute solutions, and mixtures.

With the new GHS labelling guidelines, Linde is required to change the appearance of their labels for all shipments involving hazardous materials. The standard requires many chemical companies to significantly change their labelling process for GHS compliance. In order to implement this change, an on-demand two-colour printing process on durable labels is the most effective solution to meet GHS standards.

Linde wanted to get ahead of the GHS deadline and have a labelling solution that allowed for on-demand design and printing of labels. Linde wanted to be able to generate the right GHS compliant label for immediate application. Peak-Ryzex provided a comprehensive analysis of Linde’s total print and labelling environment to meet the detailed requirements, and offered a print solution that allowed Linde to meet the requirements of the GHS mandate. 

The solution Peak-Ryzex presented was tailored to Linde’s business needs and uniquely designed to meet the GHS labelling requirements and provide a labelling solution that allows for centralised maintenance of dynamic item, paragraph image content and label formats. The solution allows users to request the printing of product labels by selecting the desired product code, base language, printer and quantity desired.

“The GHS deadline is approaching and Linde needed the right label solution to meet the GHS compliance. We needed the right solution that allows us to customize labels and print on demand. The Peak-Ryzex team provided a complete solution that included the right labels and a custom front-end software application. Peak-Ryzex had a significant amount of printing solution and labelling knowledge that helped guide us to a custom-tailored solution for our business,” said Steve Scecchitano, Shipping Manager for Linde Electronics and Specialty Gases.