Mott Corporation, a high precision filtration and flow control company, has integrated additive manufacturing into its business portfolio after celebrating the grand opening of its new Rapid Prototype Manufacturing Cell.

The new manufacturing cell enables quick prototype development of next generation technology. Specifically, Mott developed the cutting-edge technology for chromatography labs by incorporating 3D printing using the Rapid Prototype Cell.

It is crucial to have the proper gas atmosphere to produce quality parts in 3D printing applications, with argon (Ar) and nitrogen (N2) commonly used to provide inert atmospheres. Mott’s patent-pending technology has been designed to improve the accuracy of test results and analysis in fields such as water pollution and cancer research.

A press release stated, “This event represents a company vision of growth and expansion for a business that is 100% employee owned and based in Connecticut.”

The US-based business expects the Prototype Cell to increase the speed to innovation for industries such as smartphone manufacturing, chemical processing, beer and wine fermentation and bacteria filtration.