In my 47 years in the cryogenic and industrial gas markets, I have never been more excited about our future as I am today. As the newest addition to the Marshall Excelsior Company (MEC) family of companies as of January of this year, CPC-Cryolab has received overwhelming world-wide support and enthusiasm from all aspects of the industrial gas, cryogenic and OEM communities.

Source: CPC-Cryolab

Upgraded clean room

MEC has enabled CPC-Cryolab to go  back to our routes, and our original branding with 200+ years combined experience and leadership. The CPC-Cryolab and Rockwood- Swendeman brands are still to this day, the most broadly recognized brands for top quality, highly engineered mission critical valves and equipment in the ultra-cold world of liquid hydrogen and liquid helium services.

Most importantly, the MEC acquisition has allowed us to retain and transition nearly 100% of our highly experienced and valued core technical personnel. In addition, we are attracting young talent into our family to stabilize resources that will facilitate fresh new ideas and unlimited opportunities in future technologies and sciences.

It is our responsibility as leaders in this specialized industry to commit the time to coach and mentor these fresh young minds who will one day hold the keys to our future dreams and endeavours.

Since the acquisition in January, we have achieved a new level of stability, financial health and increased talent. This allows us to continue designing and manufacturing world class cryogenic valves and industrial gas equipment with an even stronger commitment to customer service, satisfaction and innovation.

As we near completion of our new 21,000 square foot manufacturing facility located just 15 minutes from downtown Tampa, Florida, we are implementing common sense lean manufacturing that will control current cost for our valued customers, as well enhance the highest levels of quality, and performance known to our product portfolio.

Our new facility will provide additional capacity needed to reintroduce to the market our 30+ product line offerings, which includes manual, on-off remote, and modulating control valves, vacuum insulated piping systems and manifolds, bayonet connections, cryogenic filters, and vacuum insulated liquid hydrogen transfer hoses to name just a few. To put icing on the cake, MEC has a very aggressive new product development (NPD) program, which we implemented the first week after the divestiture. This program will allow us to bring to market close to ten new products by year end 2021. This upholds our commitment for responsible innovation and one-stop solutions for our customers.

Source: CPC-Cryolab

One of the new CNC machines

Our investment into several new state-of-the- art CNC machining centers, a new world class clean room supporting our Ultra-High Purity (UHP) valve lines, a holistic upgrade to our existing assembly and testing capabilities; all enable and assure improvements in workflow and performance. This provides a higher level of quality and opportunity into larger diameter and higher pressure rated valves to support the world-wide growing needs for mission critical, larger flow capacity valves and manifolds with performance-driven reliability. These investments, in addition to a wholesale stocking program of upper level sub- assembly, including long lead-time parts, will all assure our commitment to OTD performance that will exceed both industry and customer expectations.

We now observe one of the most opportunistic spurts for future growth in demand and applications for liquid hydrogen and liquid helium not seen since the microelectronics semi-conductor boom of the 1980s. Our investments and assets, along with our vast portfolio of products used in the ultra-cold cryogenic world will position CPC-Cryolab as the leading edge in the up-and-coming trends such as; hydrogen mobility, semi-conductors, and space exploration.

CPC-Cryolab played a major role supporting the US space program in the 1960s, which led to successfully putting a human on the moon. Not a day goes by in today’s news that one does not see an article on space exploration.


We will see more hybrid (if you will) growth in space launch systems over the next decade as government and private sectors merge together to form additional alliances. This allows us to efficiently and expeditiously keep up with the ongoing demand and interest for space exploration, be it the race back to the moon, asteroids, Mars, or Jupiter and beyond.

With the reduction in cost, and increased efficiencies in fuel cell technologies today, hydrogen mobility is one of the rapid growing trends. Be it infrastructures, automobiles, fleet transportation or air travel, MEC’s CPC-Cryolab brands have, and will continue our lead with the highest standards for clean alternative fuel sources that will one day significantly reduce air pollution in the transportation sectors worldwide.

Similarly, our vast and diverse portfolio of high performance UHP products will continue to satisfy the full spectrum of manufacturing processes needed to serve the semiconductor chip, and other UHP sectors. We will continue to keep pace with the unparalleled growth and development of new trends in technologies surrounding the need for high quality, mission critical UHP cryogenic valves and equipment for the semiconductor and microelectronic industries.

What is next for CPC-Cryolab? As part of the MEC family, we will continue to lead the industry with modern designs and manufacturing practices, providing highly engineered, long term solutions upheld by the highest standards for performance and safety with an even stronger commitment to customer service and innovation.

About the author

Stan Levandowski is Director of Business Development – MEC Cryogenics.