Mozambique disclosed recently that it had received the first results of a seismic survey carried out in the Rovuma basin, meant to determine the amount of hydrocarbon resources available in the area bordering southeastern Tanzania.

While the results are currently being analysed to determine usefulness, Mozambique’s National Oil Institute’s (INP) Projects Director, Carlos Zacarias, is believed to have told reporters that the seismic data was of ‘great quality’.

Oil exploration has been going on and off both on land and at sea in the Rovuma River basis and the Mozambican government has granted licenses to the US’ Anadarko, Canada’s Artumas, ENI of Italy, and Norsk Hydro of Norway to determine where the product is located.

“We received the data which has been collected so far with regards to oil and gas potential in Rovuma basin. The data is of good quality and it will enable us to know exactly where the oil or gas is located in the area,” Zacarias is quoted as having said.

The four companies have already invested around $300m on testing work in the five blocs of the Rovuma basin.