A report published by the cross-party Energy and Climate Change Select Committee has called on the UK Government to do more to support hydrogen road transport.

In its report ‘Low carbon technologies in a green economy’, the Committee states, ‘we are concerned that the Government, whilst supporting battery electric vehicles, is not offering the same level of support to hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles.’

It continues, ‘a significant number of major automotive manufacturers will be ready to offer vehicles within the next few years.’

Ian Williamson, Vice Chair of the UK Hydrogen Association and Director, Hydrogen and Bio Energy Systems–Europe, Air Products commented, “Now is the time for Government to take action and demonstrate real support for the hydrogen industry.”

“The UK already has a backbone of hydrogen refuelling facilities but further investment is needed to ensure the infrastructure develops in line with hydrogen vehicle development.”

“Straight electric vehicles will never be the complete answer to low carbon transport fuel. Pure hydrogen powered or hydrogen battery hybrid vehicles are the only realistic alternative because they can offer the consumer range, speed and fuelling time.”