Deutch gas detection company MSR-Electronic is installing its technology to monitor CO2 leaks in wine tanks located at an Austrian winery in the region of Neusiedlersee.

The Austrian winery Hannes Reeh will soon have a stationary CO2 gas warning system from MSR-Electronic in each of its 60 tanks located at its new wine warehouse, with each tank having a capacity of 23,000-60,000 litres.

CO2 dissolves in liquids, such as wine, in dependence of pressure and temperature. During the growth of the grapevine, the sugar in the grapes is formed out of CO2 and water. During the fermentation process in the wine tanks, the sugar is then converted into CO2 and alcohol.

However, the CO2 concentrations in the headspace of a fermentation tank can reach very high and dangerous levels. With 1.98 g/l, CO2 is around 1.5 times heavier than air.

Possible dangers are the displacement of oxygen and thus the danger of suffocation for winegrowers as well as the risk of being exposed to high CO2 concentrations over a longer period.

The installation of a gas warning system is therefore essential for health. The digital CO2 gas sensors from MSR-Electronic include a sensor element with infrared sensor and a measuring amplifier as well as μController for measured value processing.

All data and measured values of the sensor element are stored in μController in a fail-safe manner and are transmitted digitally via the local bus to the sensor board. The calibration management is also integrated in the μController of the Sensor Cartridge.