CONCOA, a precision gas control monitor manufacturer, has unveiled a new alarm and monitor combo system capable of reporting and recording the status of up to 16 individual points of observation in complex gas delivery systems.

The 575 Series System Monitor provides a turnkey solution for a range of fully-configurable automatic switchovers and fail-safe gas delivery devices used in industrial gas applications and the medical sector.

Concoa advantium 16 800x600

The system displays the status of all inputs locally with multicolour LEDs which turn red when an input exits its normal condition, and then blink when all inputs in a user-defined system exit.

The new 575 Series allows all inputs to be grouped by sub-system for ease of display and monitoring. The system status can be accessed through a range of mediums such as user-programmable dry-contact outputs, an integral web server or through emails sent via an on-board mail server based on user-defined triggers.

Features of the 575 Series Advantium 16 includes a 93dB audible alarm, power by a 90-264 VAC external power supply and US, UK, European, Australian and Chinese adaptors for worldwide applications. The instrument also features field-adjustable dry contact outputs, relay inputs and a RJ-45 Ethernet connection.


CONCOA is a global leader in gas pressure and flow control technology headquartered in Virginia, US. It is a certified ISO 9001:2000 organisation and specialises in equipment for the medical, industrial, laser, ultra-high purity, research, life sciences, and semiconductor gas markets.