Injury to workers and damage to the environment - the latest Murco sensor transmitter range hopes to offer a solution to both pressing problems facing refrigerant gas users and producers.

Their new gas detection product now includes catalytic, semiconductor, electro-chemical, and infrared models designed to comprehensively detect gas leaks in an area, room, zone, airspace or airflow.

The system schematic itself benefits from the flexibility of either one, two, four or six-channel monitors with remote sensors and a choice of one or two levels of detection. In addition, all units have visual and audible alarms and relays for control or remote reporting and incorporate constant power and system fault monitoring as standard.

Available for all refrigerants and most other problem gases, the units are being used extensively in machinery room applications to ensure compliance with international conventions and regulations.

Murco MD Dr Lorcan Maher explained the value of the new product for mining corporations saying, $quot;A high proportion of South African mining companies and refrigeration contractors are taking little or no action to minimise refrigerant leaks in refrigeration installations and, therefore, they do not comply with prevailing standards. Though, of greater concern are the potential dangers to the occupants, the facilities, and the environment.$quot;