Mustang Engineering (Mustang), a subsidiary of international energy services company John Wood Group PLC, has launched a Synthesis Gas (SynGas) business line within its Midstream Business Unit.

As explored recently in gasworld’s Refinery and Gases in Refinery features, Syngas is a process that converts carbon materials such as coal, petroleum coke or bitumen into a wide range of products that will be produced for both fuel and feedstock use.

Syngas can be converted to petrochemicals or liquid fuels using the Fischer-Tropsch process and gas-to-liquids (GTL) operations are believed to be increasingly important as they become more economically viable in today’s climate of escalating costs and oil prices.

Products such as hydrogen, synthetic natural gas, chemicals, and liquid fuels, plus electrical power and other forms of energy such as steam can be produced in a ‘green-friendly’ manner, reducing greenhouse gases to very low levels, compared to traditional methods.

Mustang provides conceptual, front-end engineering, detail engineering, procurement and construction management services for its SynGas projects and in addition, provides programme development and project management, assisting its clients in developing projects from front-end engineering studies through commissioning and start-up.

Besides SynGas, Mustang’s Midstream Business Unit provides services in other business lines such as LNG re-gasification, liquefaction, and gas processing, as well as offering a series of proprietary LNG Smart® technologies.

Mustang is an independent services provider to the global oil, gas, chemical and manufacturing industries, while parent company the Wood Group is an international energy services company with approximately $5bn sales, employing approximately 26,000 people worldwide and operating in 46 countries.