As of the 1st of January 2017, Trinos Vakuum-Systeme GmbH, supplier of vacuum components and systems, will be renamed Pfeiffer Vacuum Components & Solutions GmbH. 

Guido Hamacher, Managing Director of Pfeiffer Vacuum Components & Solutions GmbH., explained, “The objective of the change in name is to further develop and strengthen our market position. Our product portfolio in Goettingen includes vacuum components, custom vacuum chambers, valves and manipulators. We see ourselves as a premium supplier of vacuum components and a specialist for customer-specific vacuum systems with a wide range of functions.”

“We’ve planned expansive investments at our Goettingen site for 2017 so that we can continue to remain competitive in the future and secure existing jobs as well as create new ones. We are looking into the future with optimism and expect more growth in the coming months,” added Hamacher.

Vacuum technology makes it possible to produce solar cells, semiconductors, thermal glass and coatings for extremely durable mechanical tools. These are just a few examples of Pfeiffer Vacuum products.

Reliable vacuum products and systems are also of major importance for research and development, analytics, environmental technology and the automotive industry.

Pfeiffer Vacuum Components & Solutions GmbH, Goettingen

Pfeiffer Vacuum Components & Solutions GmbH, Goettingen

Source: Pfeiffer Vacuum Components & Solutions GmbH