NASA hopes to perform the final test in the Green Run testing series for the core stage of its Space Launch System (SLS) rocket this weekend.

Following a test readiness review on Monday, NASA said it is targeting 16th January for the tests which will see engineers power up all the core stage systems, load more than 700,000 gallons of cryogenic propellant into the tanks and fire all four engines.

The Green Run test series is an assessment of the rocket’s core stage prior to SLS launching Artemis missions to the Moon. The core stage includes the liquid hydrogen tank and liquid oxygen tank, four RS-25 engines, and the computers, electronics, and avionics that serve as the “brains” of the rocket. 

NASA has already completed seven of the eight core stage Green Run tests, including loading and draining propellant for the first time during the most recent test.

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The test will take place at NASA’s Stennis Space Centre near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.