In order to strengthen its commitment to energy innovation, Southern Company, in partnership with the US Department of Energy (DOE), has expanded its focus on the National Carbon Capture Centre located in Wilsonville, Alabama.

Following today’s announcement, the centre’s future scope of work for DOE, its National Energy Technology Laboratory, and carbon capture innovators is  expected to include testing of CO2 utilisation and direct air capture (DAC) technologies.


Source: National Carbon Capture Centre

In addition to the above, the centre will also significantly broaden its testing and evaluation of carbon capture technologies for natural gas power generation.

Managed and operated by Southern Company, the National Carbon Capture Centre has completed more than 110,000 hours of testing for developers from seven countries, advancing a wide range of technologies toward commercial scale, while improving performance and reducing cost.

“We are excited to begin making formal arrangements to apply the technical expertise of the National Carbon Capture Centre to the challenges of CO2 utilisation and DAC,” said Dr. Mark Berry, Southern Company Services’ Vice-President of Research and Development.

“And with its new infrastructure, the centre is now the first research and development facility in the US to offer comprehensive testing of carbon capture technologies for natural gas power plants.”

The centre’s work on utilisation technologies will help advance applications where CO2 emissions are captured and used to manufacture value-added products like building materials, fuels, plastics and chemicals.