A programme helping to bring fuel cell and hydrogen technology into everyday use and expand clean transportation was celebrated in Massachusetts this week.

The National Fuel Cell Bus Programme (NFCBP), which is sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration (FDA), aims to facilitate the development of commercially viable fuel cell bus technologies, improve transit bus efficiency and reduce petroleum consumption, reduce transit bus emissions and increase public awareness and acceptance of fuel cell vehicles. 

Hydrogen-powered fuel cells enable zero-emissions buses to run by converting hydrogen fuel into electricity and water with no exhaust pollutants. The result is an electric vehicle that is quickly refuelled instead of being recharged. 

Jon Taylor, CEO of Nuvera Fuel Cells, who attended the event, described the programme as an exciting opportunity to familiarise the community with hydrogen fuel cells and help expand alternative energy and jobs.

Brian Bowers, Nuvera Programme Manager, added, “After working with hydrogen and fuel cell systems for more than 15 years, I’m happy to see this efficient technology becoming available in our everyday lives. This programme offers another step toward cleaner and more sustainable transportation.”