Main sponsor and presenter SIAD participated in the successful National Welding Days held in Genoa at the end of last month.

The third National Welding Days is one of the most important events in the world of mechanical production and it was organised by the National Institute of Welding in conjunction with a variety of other partners.

Over the two day period, technical personnel and representatives from universities, research centres and companies specialising in the welding sector came from all over Italy and overseas to deliver presentations on a variety of topics.

Amongst the subjects discussed were the bridge over the Messina strait, the railway sector, technical developments in welding machinery and consumables, the welding market in Italy and the industrial robot sector.

SIAD as a presenter also delivered presentations on technical topics such as carbon dioxide to four-part gas mixtures; gases enabling technological advancements in welding processes and materials, hydrostar gas mixtures: invisible helpers for the optimum welding of austenitic stainless steels and “slag free” welding of carbon steels using the new Stargon PB gas mixture.

SIAD also had a dedicated space where visitors were given the opportunity to learn about the company’s entire gas offer, technologies and services for the metal fabrication sector.

The event was attended by 550 participants.