The 20th - 22nd May saw the gathering of a second seminar organised by UA-Sigma, titled ‘The problems of Increase of efficiency of the systems for production of compressed and liquified natural gas’.

The seminar took place in Odessa, a town near the Black sea, and was held by the Ukrainian association of Industrial gases (UA-Sigma), a unique organisation uniting producers and users of technical gases in the Ukraine.

More than 30 representatives from enterprises of CIS countries took part in the seminar, which focused on the use of natural gas as an important energy source in future.

UA-Sigma was created on 28th December 2000 with the purpose of creating and realising common scientific and technical policy in the area of modernisation of air separation units, systems for the production of industrial gases, and providing safe and effective exploitation.

Fundamental energy sources
The actuality of the seminar’s subject was conditioned by the notion that natural gas is to become one of the important and fundamental energy sources of the 21st century.

And it’s a natural choice, because the supplies of natural gas in the world are great and it is ecologically a clean fuel. The choice of natural gas as a fuel helps to prevent two the basic problems of environment - air pollution and the greenhouse effect.

The primary purposes of the seminar were to study of experience of leading domestic and world producers of equipment for natural gas, establish business contacts and networking, and provide informative insights of market operators.

Participants and speakers of the seminar alike noted that the amount of participants in the global natural gas market would steadily rise in the next decade, with the production of natural gas worldwide set to double in the flow.

Delegates at the seminar highlighted the following features of natural gas use in the Ukraine:

•The necessity of the modernisation of natual gas on the Ukrainiane enterprises
•The requirements to the objects of the promoted danger are multiplied
•Multiplying demand is expected for natural gas in the Ukraine
•Natural gas equipment is highly technological equipment

Georgij Lavrenchenko, President of UA-Sigma, opened the seminar and greeted all participants and speakers at the event, which included representatives of some leading foreign companies and producers of natural gas equipment. A. Ruban, Regional Sales Manager in the countries of Central and East Europe for Worthington Cylinders GmbH of Kienberg, Austria spoke at the meeting with a lecture concerning the ‘Innovative providing of leadership at the market of gases bottles’.

Representatives of Technex Limited (Auckland, New Zealand) told of the achievements in production of equipment for the production and use of natural gas: from cryogenic tanks and capacities to the natural gas units.

Among the foreign participants attending the event, were representatives from companies such as Chart-Ferox a.s, Vanzetti Engineering of Italy, and Nexas of Hannover in Germany, among a number of other equipment manufacturers.

The leaders of domestic chemical engineers did not leave without attention at such a meeting. I.F. Kuzmenko, Deputy Executive Director for scientific work at Russia’s JSC Cryogenmash, came forward with a lecture regarding ‘Tendencies of development of NG-units of the middle productivity for organisation of gas-supplying’.

At interludes between lectures, all participants had the opportunity to put questions to the speakers and also to get consultation on the problems of effective and safe exploitation of the systems for production of compressed and liquefied natural gas. A round table was also conducted among the readers of scientific and technical magazine, Industrial gases.

Both organisers and participants of the seminar were keen to point out that the seminar had had great success and will soon become an annual event.