US carbon capture company Navigator CO2 Ventures (Navigator) has received approval for the Heartland Greenway, its proposed carbon capture pipeline system.

Subject to ongoing evaluation, this initial approval phase will be followed by Navigator expanding the project’s capacity, in addition to provide customers with service offerings.

Referring to the project as the first substantial, fully integrated carbon dioxide (CO2) handling system to reach a final investment decision, Matt Vining, CEO, Navigator, went on to say, “It is a great privilege and responsibility to help pave the way for large scale infrastructure projects designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a material way.”

To allow customers to track emissions and also monetise their ‘environmental attributes’, Navigator is planning to create an affiliated marketing company, in addition to providing delivery interconnection points to CO2-consuming customers who require a source of the gas.

This is part of the company’s plan to construct a multi-dimensional system that will help customers, including many from the ethanol and fertiliser industries, to obtain maximum value. Calling it the ‘first inning’ of a long game, Vining hopes to create a platform capable of responding to increased demand and industry change.

Aiming to transport and store up to 15 million metric tonnes per year of CO2, the Heartland Greenway project will span around 1,300 miles across five Midwest states, with permanent storage locations being developed around the Mt. Simon formation in south-central Illinois.

This site development is being undertaken by two ‘industry-leading’ companies which entered contracts with Navigator earlier in the year.

Due to commence operation in early 2025, Navigator will hold public meetings in late 2021 and early 2022.