Roel van de Pas, Chief Commercial Officer, Nedstack – the Netherlands-based manufacturer of PEM fuel cells – explains in a recent release, that hydrogen (H2) will be a backbone of the future global energy system.

As grid acceptance of wind and solar power does not match the grid consumer patterns, an abundance of green energy currently remains unharvested. Nedstack believes that electrolysis provides for a perfect solution for converting green energy – and water – into H2 whenever grid acceptance is low or simply as a main power output. Hence, the rise of renewables provides for an abundance of excess H2 making it a widely available future commodity with superior energy storage and transportation capacity.

Roel van de Pas continued to clarify the increasing need for electrifying such green H2 in both stationary and mobile applications and as this H2 economy matures, the market for reliable and durable solutions will emerge. Fuel cell power plants and power packs provide for a superior means for re-electrifying H2 on an efficient and zero-emission basis.

Fuel cell power plants, such as the one below, are a sustainable linking pin between future gas, electricity and heat grids and will power the energy transition. Nedstack is strongly committed to develop and industrialise PEM-technology and products to enable the H2 economy.

Fuel cell power plant

Fuel cell power plant

Source: Nedstack