Nel ASA has been named as a partner in a potential large-scale energy storage project at an oil refinery in Denmark.

The project in Fredericia would entail the establishment of a large-scale electrolysis plant from the dedicated hydrogen (H2) company. The electrolyser would use green electricity to produce H2 and oxygen (O2) for the local oil refinery, heat for the city of Fredericia as well as H2 fuel for cars and busses in Denmark.

Member of Parliament from the Danish Social Democrats, Jesper Petersen, said as part of political negotiations, the Social Democrats will propose that public funds are allocated for the Fredericia project.

Jacob Krogsgaard, Senior Vice-President at Nel, explained, “An oil refinery uses significant amounts of H2 in the refinery process. This H2 is traditionally based on fossil sources. However, when switching to renewable H2 this initiative alone will help to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint of the refinery itself as well as the associated products supplied out of the refinery. We are pleased to see the political support for the project and look forward to continuing progressing this exiting and promising project with our partners.”

If the project is realised, Nel and the partners in the project will be able to provide energy storage to the Danish power grid whilst producing green H2 for both the local refinery, as well as H2 for general transportation purposes like cars and busses. 

Nel’s CEO, Jon André Løkke, added, “We have been working on this for some time and believe that our cost-effective electrolyser product profolio would be ideal for this project. Not only is this an exciting project in itself, but the developed solution could naturally be relevant in many other oil refineries across the globe.”