Norway is continuing to build out its hydrogen (H2) infrastructure with another refuelling station planned to be built in Bergen city this year.

Nel Hydrogen Solutions, a division of dedicated H2 corporation Nel ASA, has received a purchase order from Uno-X Hydrogen AS to build a second H2Station® in the Norwegian city.

The purchase order has a total value of approximately €1m ($1.1m).

The company was granted its first contract to deploy its H2 refuelling technology there in December 2016.

Uno-X Hydrogen is a joint venture between Uno-X, Nel and industrial gas corporation Praxair, which aims to build a nationwide network of 20 H2 fuelling stations by 2020.

The scheme plans to build a network of stations with H2 production onsite, so that fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) can operate throughout all the major cities in Norway. Uno-X Hydrogen was granted a multi-million-dollar H2 infrastructure deal worth NOK 19.8m ($2.5m) in October last year.

Nel upgraded its multipurpose H2Station refuelling unit in February to include three separate dispensers. The machines have the world’s most compact footprint and can supply up to 500kg per day of H2 with a maximum capacity of approximately 120kg per hour.