Nel ASA has launched a revamped version of its H2Station® which now includes up to three separate dispensers connected to one fuelling module.

The multipurpose hydrogen (H2) fuelling station has the world’s most compact footprint and offers fast fuelling with a long range, according to international standards.

The modular and flexible unit supplies a daily capacity of up to 500kg of H2 per day with a maximum capacity of approximately 120kg per hour.

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Another key feature of the H2Station is that it can be dimensioned to fit any preferred capacity and is supplied by sources ranging from onsite production to truck deliver.

“The new generation multipurpose fuelling station offers customers a modular, flexible and scalable fuelling solutions,” enthused Jørn Rosenlund, Senior Vice-President of Nel Hydrogen Fueling.

Nel is currently in the process of developing a new industrial scale production plant in Denmark. When fully up and running, it will produce a nameplate capacity of around 300 H2Stations per year.

Nel has delivered more than 850 electrolysers around the globe. Nel Hydrogen’s fuelling stations were the first to comply with the latest standards for refuelling.