National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has released a technical summary of its carbon capture programme to allow stakeholders learn more about its activities.

NETL’s 2020 Compendium of Carbon Capture Technology features the laboratory’s research and development (R&D) efforts, including the development of sorbents, solvents, membranes and novel concepts for both post- and pre-combustion CO2 capture.

The US Department of Energy Fossil Energy Program has adopted a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach to development of advanced CO2 capture technologies for today’s coal power platforms and for future platforms.

NETL is implementing the Carbon Capture R&D program to develop the next generation of advanced CO2 capture concepts. 

The research will enable cost-effective implementation of carbon capture technologies throughout the power generation sector and help ensure the US will continue to have access to safe, reliable and affordable energy from fossil fuels.

Released yesterday, the technology compendium assembles CO2 capture technology R&D descriptions for 132 projects, including 80 active projects and 52 completed projects.