Neutronics Inc., a specialist in refrigerant identification technology, has announced that its Legend Series™ refrigerant analyser meets SAE standards.

The refrigerant analyser supports technicians with accurate determinations of automotive refrigerant purity in storage cylinders and vehicle air conditioning systems and is certified to SAEJ2912 to check for automotive refrigerant types, R-12, R-134a, and R-1234yf.


Source: Neutronics

The analyser has the ability to provide fast, easy and accurate determinations of refrigerant purity inside vehicle air conditioning systems or refrigerant cylinders, ensuring vehicle equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and shop owners meet the requirements for safe refrigerant practises. 

The Legend Series™ refrigerant features, a durable rugged design, soft keys and 5” LCD colour display, ten built in languages and the ability to connect via USB.