Neutronics, a specialist in refrigerant identification technology is helping prevent the importation of illegal refrigerants through supplying international customs agencies with refrigerant analysers.

Throughout the European Union, regulations such as F-Gas and the MAC Directive are in place so industries can control the use of fluorinated gases.

In April (2018) authorities intercepted one of the largest seizures in Europe, a shipment containing 25 tonnes of illegal refrigerant worth over $650,000, which was discovered in Poland.

Neutronics’ Ultima ID™ Pro RI-700H Refrigerant Analyser, uses infrared technology to assist agents in analysing refrigerants to identify counterfeit and potentially dangerous illegal refrigerant replacements before they enter the country.

The handheld device allows border agents to quickly identify inaccuracy with the refrigerant and hold the shipments for further evaluation.

Refrigerant analysers are becoming more widely used by custom agencies and are playing a pivotal role in combating the illegal refrigerant trade.

The use of refrigerant analysers such as the Ultima ID™ Pro RI-700H will help countries to manage the import of refrigerants and reduce the environmental and economic impact the gases cause.