NevadaNano Systems, Inc. has announced plans to brings its molecular property Spectrometer™ sensor technology for gas leak detection to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Source: NevadaNano Systems, Inc.

NevadaNano has established a distribution partnership with UNITRONIC GmbH and Gary Collins, general manager, EMEA, will lead the company’s expansion.

NevadaNano’s patented Molecular Property Spectrometer™ measures and classifies a wide range of combustible gases and reports the potential to cause harm in a matter of seconds.

“NevadaNano’s innovative gas leak detection technology has the potential to save lives and create healthier environments better than any legacy technology,” said Collins, general manager, EMEA for NevadaNano Systems. “I am delighted to join the team and bring its groundbreaking technology to business and industry throughout EMEA.”

UNITRONIC, will represent NevadaNano in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

NevadaNano’s patented Molecular Property Spectrometer™ is the only technology available that measures and classifies a wide range of combustible gases – including hydrogen – and reports the potential to cause harm virtually instantaneously, according to NevadaNano.

The US-based company, with headquarters in Nevada, claims it is the first new gas sensing technology to emerge in more than three decades and helps businesses create safer work, home and industrial environments.

NevadaNano focuses on commercial applications, specifically, monitoring for flammable gas, new refrigerant leaks, methane leaks and indoor air quality. All of these applications are often tied together as part of IoT-enabled distributed gas sensing systems. The company technology is used in a diverse array of commercial and government applications by its system integrator partners and manufacturers.

MPS was developed at the University of Nevada, Reno, and supported by DARPA, the DOD, and the Department of Homeland Security. NevadaNano holds exclusive licenses for 43 inventions and 24 patents for on-chip chemical analysis technology.

An exclusive interview with Collins will appear in a future issue of gasworld and online.