D Marsh Company, Inc. has announced an agreement with Uni-Select, Inc. to supply its line of NIflate99 nitrogen inflators.

$quot;Replacing air in tires with Nitrogen is becoming big business for our customers,$quot; said Denis Brault, Uni-Select National tool & equipment manager. $quot;Uni-Select has been researching Nitrogen machines for a year and there are several important reasons we decided to meet our
customers' needs with NIflate99 nitrogen inflators.$quot;

$quot;First, D Marsh Company is the leading manufacturer of inflators that use 99.9 percent pure nitrogen. Second, the prices and operating
costs of their inflators are much lower than nitrogen generators. And finally the line features five models to meet a wide range of needs such as facilities that service automobiles, trucks, powersports, and recreational vehicles,$quot; he said.

$quot;We are extremely proud that Uni-Select has chosen our NIflate99 Inflators over all other brands,$quot; said Dave Marsh, D Marsh Company chief marketing officer. Uni-Select will offer five NIflate99 Inflator models.

D Marsh Company, Inc. is a privately held company with headquarters in Marne, Michigan.

Uni-Select is Canada's second largest distributor of automotive replacement parts, equipment, tools and accessories and through Uni-Select USA, Inc.; the company also provides service to customers in the United States where it is the 8th largest distributor.
Its subsidiary, Palmar Inc., sells replacement parts, tools and accessories for heavy-duty vehicles and wheels in Canada