Wison Chemical Company Ltd. will receive on-site gas from Air Products to supply its new carbon monoxide and methanol plant.

The long-term contract supplying oxygen and nitrogen will benefit the new plant located in Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park (NCIP) in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China.

An ASU will be built adjacent to the plant that is capable of producing more than 1600 tons per day of oxygenis. It is expected to be built and operational by late 2006, making it the sixth Air Products plant planned to come on-stream in China in 2006-2007.

Commenting on the new agreement Wilbur Monk, president to Air Products China said, “We are honoured to play a key role in supporting Wison and China’s economic development. This investment is part of our China strategy and continued commitment to build long-term infrastructure to meet industrial gas needs.”

The carbon monoxide, produced in a clean burning gasification process by Wison, will be used to fulfil an earlier contract signed to supply Celanese. Celanese produce acetic acid, which is used in part of paints, adhesives, plastic and hundreds of other products.