Air Products’ new plant in eastern China has come on-stream to supply ultra-high purity gases to its customer in the park.

The facility, located in the Pukou Economic Development Zone (PKEDZ), Nanjing, also provides liquid nitrogen (N2) to merchant customers in and around Nanjing. The Tier One corporation announced this investment in new capacity last year.

This new development is nearby to Air Products’ existing supply chain in the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park (NCIP), where the corporation serves several hundred customers across the area via pipelines and various other supply modes.

Air Products has been investing in NCIP for the past 10 years and has since established a “solid and strategic” integrated supply position, with three large air separation units (ASUs) catering for multiple park tonnage customers via pipelines and the city’s merchant gas markets.

Frank Yu, Vice-President of eastern China Industrial Gases at Air Products, said, “Air Products has already established a strong position in Nanjing and Eastern China with integrated and reliable supply capabilities. We will continue to invest and play our role to support the fast-growing semiconductor industry driven by the Made in China 2025 strategy and the government’s high-tech manufacturing target under the 13th Five-Year Plan.”

A press release added, “China’s integrated circuit (IC) industry is developing at a fast pace, fueled by a major government initiative launched in 2014, with billions of dollars of funding to advance its domestic electronics manufacturing industries. Several industrial clusters have emerged across the country, creating great demand for high-quality industrial gases.”