The Gow-Mac Instrument Company notes that its innovative Series 900 Toxic Gas Analyser is a highly selective and precise analytical instrument, specially engineered for quantifying trace amounts of toxic gases in industrial gas applications.

The principle of the automated, fully digital instrument is based on aqueous scrubbing of the target gas by a coil sampler coupled with a gas-liquid separator, followed by derivatisation of the analyte to form a highly light-absorbing chromophore in an on-line reactor. The derivative is then quantified by means of a colorimetric detector, according to Gow-Mac.

Any gas species with potential to be derivatised can be determined by the new Series 900 product, including HF, NH3, HONO, HCl, SO2, H2S, HCHO and aldehydes. The analyser is not only able to determine trace level toxic gases in air, but also to quantify the ppb/ppm level impurities in industrial processing and electronic gases, such as N2, N2O, NF3, and CxHy.

Features of the Series 900 include continuous, digital readout, the use of standard chemical procedures, colorimetric detector, internal sample pump, and adjustable flow rate.

Gow-Mac Instrument Co. is a leading manufacturer of gas analysis instrumentation and specialty gas handling equipment.