Emerson Process Management has released its new SmartProcess™ Oil and Gas Applications Suite - answering critical challenges facing the oil and gas production/transmission markets.

The new application software suite was developed by Emerson’s industry experts to provide applications for monitoring, controlling and optimising vital oil and gas operations. The application suite helps operators achieve greater production, reduce lifecycle costs, ensure consistency between sites and reduce the likelihood of HSE events.

The SmartProcess Oil and Gas Applications Suite incorporates Emerson’s family of remote terminal units (RTUs) and flow computers (ROC, ControlWave®, and FloBoss™) to enhance operations. The SmartProcess Oil and Gas Applications Suite is designed for the production and transmission markets with two separate series called the Production Manager Series and Transmission Manager Series.

The Production Manager Series contains Oil, Gas, and Site-Wide applications to increase the efficiency of production operations. The suite makes it easy to get lean operations running faster by selecting an application from the catalogue, loading it into the Emerson RTU, and simply configuring. The Production Manager Series allows the operator to scale up their operation, or change applications as their wells progress through the lifecycle without needing to change controllers.

The Transmission Manager Series consists of Station Manager, Cause and Effect, and Gas Control Manager, to help operators’ systems run more efficiently. This series maintains the integrity of the operators’ assets and avoids safety and environmental incidents. These applications ensure consistency, increase effectiveness, reduce installation and support costs, and minimise operational errors.