Analytical Industries Inc. (AII), designer and manufacturer of oxygen analysers and replacement OEM oxygen sensors, has gained ATEX certification for its portable oxygen analysers.

New ATEX certification increases number of applications for portable oxygen analysers

The GPR-1100 portable oxygen analyser

Source: AII

The GPR-1000, GPR-1100 and GPR-2000 portable oxygen analysers and the GPR-1200 premium portable oxygen analyser are now able to be used in ambient areas that may contain acetylene and/or hydrogen (H2).

The GPR-1200 portable analyser has an innovative design which eliminates the waiting time between measurements, provides an instant purge and a fast response to changes in oxygen levels.

The instruments also feature a-state-of-the-art sample bypass system that isolates the sensors from high concentrations of air and allows a quick recovery from an upset. They are convenient to use in the field with a long battery life of up to 30 days on a single charge.

The galvanic oxygen sensors have a life-span of between 24 and 32 months and replacing them is quick and easy to do.