Gaspack Services have commissioned a purpose built blast room as part of an investment by the company in facilities for refurbishing and testing cylinders.

Gaspack Services of Pontypridd is a newcomer to the cylinder testing market, having recently recieved the high level of accreditation required. The special blast cleaning facility will be used by the firm to clean cylinders inside and out before inspection and as necessary, recoating.

Gaspack's general manager Ben Wells said, $quot;For safety reasons, the interior of a cylinder needs to be returned to the end user in prime condition. The interior should be free of corrosion and foreign bodies and as clean as that of a thermos flask, if its integrity is to be maintained.$quot;

All used media and debris is transferred by bucket elevator to a separator and cleaning system which returns good material to the blast cleaning machine and sends dust, debris and broken down particles to a dust collector for disposal. This ensures optimum blasting performance and ensures the consistent surface finish required.

Ben Wells concludes, $quot;We are delighted with the new installation which fits our requirements precisely. The real benefit is its efficiency, which is allowing us to produce a consistent quality finish on the internals of cylinders at a high throughput. This is very important to us; we see this installation as key to the success of our business as our order book continues to grow.$quot;