Afrox is poised to implement 12 new bulk liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supply contracts, jointly worth several million rand, at restaurants and fast food outlets around South Africa.

Dylan Garnett, business manager, hospitality, said: \\$quot;This is a result of the retail boom we are presently experiencing and the construction of many new shopping malls and mini-malls. The trend at the moment appears to be a move away from single destination shops to multi-destination centres and the hospitality industry is aligning itself with this trend.

\\$quot;Our engineers have refined the installation process to a point where we have definitely established best practice for installing bulk systems in this market. We're committed to creating safe environments and we have some innovative new approaches to safety on the drawing board, likely to be rolled out next year.

\\$quot;We believe the hospitality industry has a big future in southern Africa and our significant investment in gas installations in the sector bears this out.\\$quot;

Mr Garnett says the hospitality sector has largely chosen gas power over electricity because Handigas provides instant and far more intense heat on demand, is safe, cost efficient and reliable.

Handigas is a broad-ranged energy source that can be used in every heating energy process. Handigas has established itself as a major energy supplier to industrial, commercial and hospitality consumers as well as becoming an important energy source in the domestic and agricultural markets.