A new CamClose panel air filter designed for turbomachinery has been released by Camfil Power Systems.

Designed to extend the service life of the ‘final’ filter, the CamClose is added pre-filter in front of a final filter – assisted by built-in plastic clips, improving filtration efficiency.

Considered to have ‘best-in-class’ water handling properties, its sealing also provides a high level of safety in contaminant handling.

With a robust frame and high burst strength > 6250 Pa (Pascal), the unit is well-suited for challenging and humid environments such as the tropics or coastal areas.

CamClose gas turbine filter

CamClose gas turbine filter

Source: Camfil

Claiming the ‘lowest pressure drop’ in the G4 panel filter class, the device also features an integrated pressure drop port which helps accurately monitor filter pressure drop across each filter stage separately.

Three efficiency classes have been tested to industry standards per EN779:2012 and ISO 16890:2016.

The classes include: G4/ISO ePM Coarse 60%, M5/ISO ePM10 65%, M6/ISO ePM2.5 50%.