The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) – a CEO-led initiative that aims to hasten the industry response to climate change – has launched The CCUS Hub, a web-based platform that helps identify carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) hubs on a global basis.

The platform consists of a CCUS Hub Search, essentially an interactive map that identifies 279 potential CCUS hubs in 56 countries. 

This also matches clusters of carbon dioxide (CO2) sources with potential storage locations, including cost per tonne estimates. 

Practical lessons from the people behind the most advanced CCUS hubs are available in the CCUS Hub Playbook. 

To gain an overview of the six emerging CCUS hubs that comprised OGCI’s initial KickStarter initiative, there is also a ‘Hubs in Action’ section available. 

These six hubs include Net Zero Teesside, Northern Lights/Longship, Porthos, China Northwest, Ravenna CCS, and Louisiana.

An advisory board of key partners, including BCG, the Clean Energy Ministerial-CCUS, Global CCS Institute and IEAGHG (International Energy Agency’s Greenhouse Gas programme).