H2Scan, a fast-growing provider of hydrogen (H2) sensors for industrial markets, has appointed Michael Allman as its new CEO to channel its rapid growth journey in industrial markets.

Previously serving as the Board Chairman of the US-based business, Allman will seek to strengthen H2Scan’s position in the Internet of Things (IIoT) for H2 monitoring.

Under his stewardship as CEO, he will also aim to channel the US company’s production and prominence in the industry via its recently completed environmental and conditioning laboratory and expanded production facility.


Allman (left) said he was “thrilled to join the company as CEO as it embarks on a path of substantial growth.”

Dennis Reid, H2Scan’s founder, enthused, “His experience in the energy industry, and his success leading companies large and small will bring significant value to H2Scan. Michael comes on board at a perfect time as we are seeing tremendous growth and opportunity in both the transformer and process segments of H2Scan.” Reid will assume the role of President going forward.

Allman previously served as the Chairman and CEO of the Southern California Gas Company, the largest natural gas distribution utility in North America, where he ran the company’s strategic investment in renewable energy and helped establish the utility-scale solar power industry.

H2Scan is a H2 leak detection and process gas monitoring solution provider based in California, US. Its industry-leading H2 analysers and leak detectors are based on patented, solid-state core H2 sensor technology exclusively licensed from the US Department of Energy (DOE).