In a move towards medical gas control equipment portfolio expansion, Ceodeux Meditec has launched its next-generation of ALPINOX medical pressure regulators that “removes the guesswork from oxygen (O2) flow adjustment.”

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Source: Rotarex



Devices in the range are 30% lighter than previous models and features a simple flow selector dial for straightforward O2 therapy delivery in ambulances and at-home.

In addition, all regulators are CE-marked and housed in plastic, outer protective shells for added impact and environmental damage resistance.

Rotarex’s Marketing Coordinator Sandra Monteverdi observed, “Unlike traditional industrial-looking medical regulators, ALPINOX looks more human-friendly, with soft, curved geometry, and the prominent flow selector dial makes it one of the easiest to use medical regulators on the market.”

The ALPINOX range of medical gas valves and regulators are designed to augment caregiver confidence in the safe delivery of O2 therapy to patients.