The CGM is an advanced melting technology that has been confirmed in independent tests to boost the quality and production in glass furnaces.

The Process Gas Solutions’ Technology Manager for BOC. Andre Richardson, Ph.D., will present the paper on the research at the Seventh International Seminar on Mathematical and Advanced Numerical Methods in Furnace Design and Operation.

He will compare the results of the base air-fuel case against cases for conventional oxy-fuel boosting and the CGM oxy-fuel boosting. He will highlight the unique improvements, which have been confirmed in computer simulation testing.

The CGM process is said to melt glass faster than side-fired configurations by directly applying oxy-fuel flames on the batch in a glass-melting furnace.

Commenting on the CGM test results, Richardson said, \\$quot;The independent tests confirm the ability of the BOC CGM process to provide more rapid melting and better pull rates than conventional zero port boosting, resulting in improved product quality. The simulations also indicate that BOC’s CGM process delivers these benefits with improved efficiencies and significant NOx reduction, compared with conventional oxy-fuel boosting.\\$quot;

The technology is not just subject to computer simulations. Currently Anchor Glass Company, which is one of the top three glass container manufacturers in the U.S., is using CGM technology along with 30 other glass furnaces worldwide.