Netherlands based Pentair Haffmans has launched a new, non-invasive, CO2 measurement in the filled package for the brewing, soft drinks, wine, bioethanol, and biogas industries – called the Haffmans CO2 Selector.

In the production of beer, carbonated soft drinks and wine, the CO2 content is a key quality parameter and decisive to the product’s taste. Therefore, manufacturers continuously measure and control the CO2 content during production.

Haffmans CO2-Selector provides major advantages over conventional CO2 measurement technologies as piercing is not required to perform the measurement. The bottle is not destructed and no product is lost. The instrument measures the headspace CO2 content and internal pressure, and accurately determines the dissolved CO2 content in the package.

The procedure is simple and repeatable, which allows for an unlimited number of tests to be conducted on the same package.


How this works


Haffmans CO2-Selector uses an innovative high-precision laser technology. The instrument’s laser transmitter sends a beam through the headspace of the package to a receiver. At a particular frequency, the CO2 molecules in the headspace absorb the infrared light of the laser. Based on the width of the absorption lines and the intensity, the total pressure and the CO2 concentration in the package is determined. Other gases present in the headspace – such as oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N2) or hydrogen (H2) – do not have an impact on the measurement results. In addition, the measurement is independent of the color or material of the bottle.