Union Engineering offers plants for production of carbon dioxide based on combustion of different kinds of fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas. The typical customer is a soft drinks producer or a small industrial gas company that sell CO2 to soft drinks bottlers.

The company has successfully delivered a CO2 facility to Coca-Cola\\$quot;s new site in Afghanistan.

Coca-Cola has returned to Afghanistan after a 15-year absence with the formal opening of a 60,000 square metre bottling plant on the outskirts of Kabul. The plant which is franchised to Habib Gulzar, one of Afghanistan's richest men, represents a major investment for the country. The plant is worth $25m.

Union Engineering delivered the separate CO2 facility to Habib Gulzar Beverages Ltd. (Coca Cola Kabul) to produce the carbon dioxide gas for the fizzy drink and generate its own power for the large plant. The food grade CO2 is produced by means of combustion of diesel oil, the CO2 plant size being 145 kg of liquid CO2 per hour.

The scope of Union Engineering's supply, in addition to the CO2 generating unit, is a storage facility, an evaporator, a safeguard filter and a cooling water system, together with commissioning.